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Dress like dolls with ladies frock


Ladies frock is the special type of dress for the females. This dress has its specialty because of one special thing that is associated with. The girls start to wear the frocks right from their birth.

They have the special liking for the frocks. Now-a-days the ladies frock fashion has once again entered in the world of fashion design.

The ladies frocks will go with everyday raising fashions of the trendy capris and other trousers. You can find the variety of frocks in the market in these days.

There is the diversity of frocks available in different attractive colors and in all new and unique styles.

The ladies frocks are available in both short form and long form. The long frocks are usually worn with the capris or long and wide trousers.

And the short or mini frocks can be worn with panties, pyjamas, jeans and other type of pants or trousers.

The ladies frocks also have some of the traditional and ethnic values with it. In the race of pathans, their ladies wore the frocks as their race’s dress.

In the country Pakistan, there is much type of frocks which are very special and famous for their traditional values. For example; the Rajasthani frocks have their own special significance, the Pathani frocks are well known as the family or religious dress. Many of the eastern races are famous for wearing the different kinds of frocks according to their cultures.

So the ladies frocks are the type garment which has their essence in cultural values.

Most of the time, the frocks are available in the market in various styles and designs. They come in the market both in printed stuff and in simple stuff. Usually the cloth or stuff of the frocks is printed with flowers and leaves.

They look very pretty when worn by a little girl. The girl just looks like the fairies while wearing the frocks. The ladies frocks are coming in the versatile colors, fabrics, prints, material etc. following are the famous materials used for the stitching of a frock:

  1. Chiffon
  2. Marquisette
  3. Sheer crepe
  4. Rayon,
  5. Soft muslin, jacquard
  6. Bamberg
  7. Velvet
  8. Silk 
  9. Cotton voile
  10. Velvet and cotton net
  11. Brocade
  12. Celanese


Most of the time, the ladies frocks are not much costly. One can buy them quite easily. The variety of different frocks with various designs is also available on net. You can buy them online. It’s the easy way of shopping such type of stuff.